Thornaby Town Hall Restoration Project

Thornaby Town Hall Restoration continues…

Now in its 125th year, after falling into disrepair in recent times, Thornaby Town Hall has had life breathed back into its walls after extensive renovations.

The work was carried out by Creative Glass on a project led by Michael Atkinson, a renowned restoration architect.

Michael Atkinson and his team are highly experienced in conservation and restoration of historic and listed buildings.

Thornaby Town Hall

Creative Glass started planning for the renovations in Spring 2017, taking over two years to complete.

This included repairing the beautiful, decorative stained-glass windows and ornate, period reeded windows.

Alongside this, Creative Glass fully restored the original cast iron clock faces.

Further renovations had a setback in January after thousands of pounds worth of damage was done after a break in.

The team at Creative Glass are now set to return to the Town Hall to create a dazzling, photographic glass wall around the staircase.

It is hoped this piece will bring new life to the staircase and reflect the history and heritage of Thornaby.

Creative Glass has a long history in Thornaby, with their original factory in 1993 residing in the old Sugar Factory on Mandale Road.

They have since moved to a state of the art studio and factory on Portrack Lane Stockton, where all their ideas are brought to life.